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"Maqbit has been very proactive and always working towards enhancing..."
Sanjay Pandit - Operations Manager, Honeywell

"Maqbit really helped us in optimizing our database services and over performance of the system"
Bilal Hasan - IT Director, Dulsco

Process / Methodology

The single most reason for failure in outsourced software projects is the lack of a clear and agreed engagement methodology. Maqbit Technologies has developed, based on its practical experience, an optimised working model that ensures:

  • The clear definition, understanding and meeting of the system requirements
  • The quality of the work throughout the entire process
  • An efficient communication between all parties involved

The methodology is different: it is optimised for small to medium sized engagements and organisations, it is efficient for smaller teams and it avoids the overhead and cost of large and unwieldy all-purpose models.

Engagements are managed by a dedicated coordinator and an offshore lead manager, both with the management, process and technical experience required to ensure a smooth start, as well as an efficient ongoing operation.

Ease of Communication

  • We have well structured and dedicated teams in different technologies and a account manager for each project
  • US & India based phone numbers
  • MOSS 2007 backed project management and tracking system
  • Video Conferening facilities
  • Version control systems
  • Desktop Sharing Services

Project Execution Process

Project Execution Process

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