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Our Alliance with different organizations gives us the edge over other to hold expertise in specific domains ensuring our clients get the best-of-breed products and technologies.

About Us


Maqbit Technologies has been formed by merging Al Anwar Technologies and Webcraft Services.

Al Anwar Technologies was started in 2005 and had been focused in application development. We were awarded various projects from Honeywell, Oceans Connect, Auto Comp India and other clients to name a few. We had specialized in Industrial Applications and developed products for AAQMS Software, Precision Systems and more.

Later Webcraft Services was formed which specialized in Web Applications and Design front. Here we were focused mainly on web based technologies and worked towards getting more and more businesses online. Our main domains were Content Management, E-commerce and Custom web applications for industries like Coaching and Consultancy. We also worked on Social Networking sites and Online Directories. After successfully running these companies for half a decade it was decided to bring both the operations under one roof.

It’s an experienced company with a fresh and energetic start.


"To be a global leader in providing the most sophisticated software solutions and developing products for maximizing businesses ROI"


"GROWTH – of our clients, employees, the company and society at large by the most ethical means"

Spirit of Maqbit
Spirit of Maqbit

Growth –
Team, Innovation, Technology

Customer Centric –
Proactive, Thoughtful & Responsible

Ethics –
Discipline, Honesty & Fairness in Action

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